‘Salvo’ presents an intense gangster film with evocative images and a steady pace — a film review

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Salvo_Poster_FM7Gangster movies are often defined by plot twists and duplicitous schemers that are hard to trust and sometimes feel for. These movies sometimes feel hard to keep up with, and their characters are often defined by their flaws. The darkness in their motivations and the inevitable double crosses speak to plot and hopefully propel character development. Heart hardly ever comes to mind when one thinks of a crime film. But Salvo, the new gangster film by Italian directors Fabio Grassadoniaand Antonio Piazza has heart. That it hardly sacrifices suspense for its soul is testament to the strength of the filmmakers, here making their feature film debut with international distribution.

Salvo is a collaborative work between Grassadonia and Piazza not only in directing but also in writing. For much of the film, their storytelling feels compact and graceful. The film has a patient quality, and there’s hardly any dialogue…

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Sunday’s Singing Soul

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Juanita Clary-Stark, my dear friend in Huntington Beach, California invited me on a lovely weekend trip for a conference. We shared a room and enjoyed talking late into the night. She showed me a lovely devotional book that meant a lot to her, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young. I made some flippant remark spoken out of ignorance. It was one of those moments when I was talking instead of listening. Thankfully, our friendship was strong enough for her to forgive when I apologized. Later another sweet friend, Jackie Cullings gave me a gift of the same book. I’ve enjoyed the daily inspirational readings given in Jesus voice from the scriptures addressed to the reader. It has become one of my favorites as it is Nita’s and Jackie’s Thanks to both ladies for their continued prayers and support.

Today’s reading addressed the promise of God being nearer that I dare to…

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How to minimize device lock-in and make it easier to migrate to a new smartphone


Device lock-in is a term often thrown about. For example, one of the criticisms I often hear about Apple is you’ll be “locked into their ecosystem.” The implication being if you buy an Apple/Android/Whatever phone, getting off that platform will be difficult. The fact is, lots of things in our lives have lock-in.

I buy Gillette razors, so I’m locked into that brand. I have a Keurig coffee maker, so I’m locked into K-cups. I also have Apple and Android devices, so I have some lock-in to those two brands. Granted, it’s cheaper to move away from my razors than a smartphone.

Still, there are steps you can take to make switching devices a little easier. Throughout this article I will talk about the different types of lock-in you’ll experience with your mobile devices and how to minimize the hassle if you swap platforms.

Where I’m locked-in

The bulk of…

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